Lakshay Akula

About Me

The most pressing question I'm trying to answer right now is the mind-body problem. I would greatly appreciate it if you could share any leads with me. Besides tackling difficult philosophy problems, I also enjoy difficult mathematics problems and climbing routes. I also dabble in computer science, economics and other more practical topics. Keep scrolling to learn more.


A snapshot of some of the things I have made (under construction)


Sometimes, I like to pretend that I have profound things to say

How Bird & Lime Can Build Moats

How eScooters can create more compelling & stickier services through rewards, subscription and infrastructure

Vertical Farming is Amazon's Next Bold Step

Why Amazon will invest in vertical farming (shared by @Medium and The Association for Vertical Farming)

Why AI Consciousness is Doomed

A piece on often overlooked aspects of AI consciousness

Paths on a Grid

A combinatorical explanation for the number of paths along a grid